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Pass Arguments As An Object in JavaScript

When you learn to program in JavaScript, you learn to name the arguments that you pass into a function. I am going to show you why you should pass your arguments to a function as an object. Once you see why you will never go back to naming every argument you pass into a function. I promise you.

Example of naming arguments

I have a function called createBook. The function takes 6 arguments:

  • title
  • subtitle
  • author
  • publisher
  • datePublished
  • descr

Here is an example of my function and how you would call it:

const createBook = (title, subtitle, author, publisher, datePublished, descr) => {
  // code goes here

createBook('Make 7 Real World Apps in Vue 2', '', 'Jennifer Bland', 'Gumroad', '2022', 'Learn how to create 7 real world apps using Vue 2');

If you were to look at this code, you would not have any idea what each of these arguments was much less know the correct order in which you have to enter them.

Passing Arguments As An Object

I can make your life easy by showing you how to pass arguments as an object. Here is what it looks like:

const createBook = ({ title, subtitle, author, publisher, datePublished, descr }) => {
    // code goes here

    author: 'Jennifer Bland',
    publisher: 'Gumroad',
    title: 'Make 7 Real World Apps in Vue 2',
    descr: 'Learn how to create 7 real world apps using Vue 2',
    datePublished: '2022'
    subtitle: ''

Now when you come across this code, it is clear what parameters are being passed to the function. Bonus: you don't have to worry about the order of the arguments since we are using destructuring in the function.

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