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Jumpstart Development with the use of Generators

Any time you need to start a new development project from scratch you will find yourself writing the same basic set of code over and over. There is a better – and faster – way of overcoming that shortcoming by using generators.

Generators are pre-packed sets of code that give you the basic framework that you will need in your project. There are many different generators that are available for you to use.

Most of my projects run using the MEAN stack. The MEAN stack is an abbreviation for a project that uses MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js.

When writing projects I go through the same process of setting up the server, installing Angular and configuring authentication for my project. What if there is a way to start any MEAN stack project with all of this done for you?

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Introduction to AngularJS – Filter, ng-class and 2 way data binding

This is part two in my Introduction to AngularJS series.

In my first class I demonstrated how to create your first AngularJS application. The application was the start of website for our fictional Mandarian Spa company. The website provided a list of all the services offered by the spa including their price and whether or not that service was currently available.

In this lesson we are going to improve on our existing website by providing these services:

  • Formatting Prices properly
  • Change Availability column to only show Sold Out
  • Add class if service is sold out
  • Add a Filter to search by services
  • Add two way data binding

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Introduction to AngularJS – Your First Angular Application

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework designed to create dynamic web app by adding interactivity to HTML. AngularJS will add simplicity and productivity to your websites.

AngularJS is perfect for Single Page Applications(SPA). Common examples of SPAs are Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

A common misunderstanding is that SPA only have one page of content. That is not true. With a SPA you can navigate to different pages in a website WITHOUT having to load in a new webpage like you would with a traditional website. Angular provides the framework to load this information for you dynamically as you navigate around.

Here is the SPA application that we will be building as your first AngularJS application.

First AngularJS App
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Data Structures – Linked List, Set and Hash Table

A data structure is a particular way of organizing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.  Previously I talked about two very similar data structures – tree and graph. Today I am going to talk about Linked Lists, Sets and Hash Tables.

There are many different types of data structures simply because each one provides certain benefits over the others. One may be better at retrieving data, another might be better at inserting data and yet another might be better in its ability to expand as the size of the data increases.

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