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ngConf 2017 Day 3 Review

Read review of Day 1 here. Read review of Day 2 here.

The third and final day of ngConf switched back to a single track format. Again every attendee was in one massive ballroom to hear speaker after speaker.

Adding Humor to Authentication

After the keynote opening session, the next speaker was there to explain authentication with Angular router. Normally this is a very dry topic because the gist is user tries to access a URL and if they don’t have access then they are denied.

Luckily for the audience the speaker is also an active improv actor and comedian. He convinced 7 (staged) audience members to join him on stage, get dressed in costumes and act out OAuth.

More than half of the time of the session was getting the 7 audience members on stage, outfitted and given directions. When they actually started to perform how authentication works, it was hilarious. Especially when Mike started to improve on his role as the spinner.

Speakers and Their Topics

Next was a short topic about upgrading from AngularJS to Angular. This topic was allotted only 20 minutes. Imagine going back to your job on Monday and telling your boss that you learned everything you need to know to upgrade all work applications from AngularJS to Angular after a twenty minute talk.

Humor was on stage for the next session as Jen, Tara and TJ did a live demo application showing the potential of NativeScript and Firebase. They created a real-time application using emoji’s and then everyone in the audience could vote on their favorite images. As people were voting you could watch the vote counter increase and the column chart adjust accordingly. I have not used Firebase or NativeScript yet but I will definitely start looking into its functionality. Learning about tech that you don’t currently use is one of the strong points of this conference.

An interesting session was the form validation capabilities built into Angular. I will point out that (to the best of my recollection) this was the only presentation given by the Angular development team at Google that was a female! Come on guys (baa baa) you can do better than this. The presentation included a live demo of form validation. This was an excellent presentation.

The last presentation before lunch provided instructions on how to account for accessibility in your applications. There is a subset of users that have challenges being able to read the screen and yet as programmers we consistently fail this audience by our application designs. Now we are aware of the issue and what changes we can make to account for it.

After lunch the content seemed to taper offer in my opinion. It might have been because they were topics that I was not keen on too. They covered typescript, ngModule and providing comfort to know that if you don’t want to or don’t have resources then don’t migrate from AngularJS to Angular.

The format changed from 20 minute presentation to a 5 minute presentation that told us to get rid of using bootstrap and instead write our own CSS.

Toward the end of the day there were two sessions back to back that I thought were very important. They covered joining meetup groups to learn and improve your skills set. The speaker also emphasized contributing at meetup groups regardless of your skill set. I very much agree with this.

The other session was from the lady who created ngGirls. It is a meetup group focused on getting more women into tech and using Angular. Hats off to Shmuela Jacobs from Israel for creating this group and I hope you have worldwide success with it.

The end of the conference had an Angular Panel. Every member of the Angular team at Google was on stage. Anybody in the audience or anybody watching worldwide on the livestream could ask any question that they wanted. An interesting question at the end was will there the LTS for AngularJS. Nobody really wanted to answer and the brave soul who did finally speak up said he would jump on that landmine. Clearly shows there is a friction about whether or not to do this and what impact it would have going forward on sunsetting AngularJS and focusing all development on Angular.

Food and Extracurricular Activities

I think the quality of the food on the last day was the worst. Breakfast was the same as all the other days. If you can subsist off of a muffin or a sausage biscuity in a see-thru packaging then it was ok. My suggestion would be to include croissants next year so hopefully the organizers are listening.

The meal at lunch was the heaviest of all three days. You were eating chicken strips or hamburger sliders with a 1/8th of a lettuce wedge. Not so keen on this either. The afternoon break, I queued up in the snack line. When I got to the table you had a choice of what looked like a smorgasbord of toppings that you would put on ice cream except there was no ice cream. On the other side of the table there was shots of red juice and orange juice. Since it is agains my religion to eat anything green I downed the red juice. It was not bad but I would never in my life have chosen that as a snack.

The extracurricular activities were somewhat limited after all of the options that we had on the first two days. This might be understandably because the attendance drops on the last day of any event as people have made travel arrangements to head home.

Overall Reflection of ngConf

This was my first time attending ngConf. By noon of the first day I had resolved to be back next year. Tickets sell out very quickly every year so if you plan on attending next year with me make sure you are proactive and purchase them when they go on sale.

This is also my first conference where it is on a single technology. Most conference cover a wide range of topics and you are lucky if you are able to speak one-on-one with any of the speakers after their presentation. Here at ngConf you have direct access to the entire Angular team and any of the speakers. You can easily tell who they are because they are wearing red hoodies. I never once had a speaker not stop and talk to me when I reached out to them in the hallway or when sitting next to them at a meal. This access is what makes ngConf a great conference.

by Jennifer Bland

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