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Free Courses For You to Learn AI

OpenAI introduced a long-form question-answering artificial intelligence (AI) called ChatGPT that answers complex questions conversationally.

It is a revolutionary technology because it is trained to learn what humans mean when they ask a question.

AI will reshape our future, unlike any other new technology in the history of mankind. Want to learn more about AI? You are lucky because here are some free resources where you can learn about AI.


The makers of the most used search engine in the world, created a website to give a general introduction to AI.

Google provides a plethora of training courses and hands-on courses that cover all aspects of AI as well as machine learning.

You can access their free training here.


Udacity has been a training resource hub on a wide range of topics. They are known for their Nanodegree which is a compilation of multiple courses that you complete to learn about a topic.

Udacity offers a free course titled Intro to Artificial Intelligence.

Parts of this course are featured in the Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree and the Data Analyst Nanodegree programs. If you are interested in AI, be sure to check out those programs as well!

You can access their free training here.

Helsinki University

The Government of Finland has the drive to educate its population on AI. This course was created for that purpose. Last year Finland opened up this course to the world.

This is an elementary-level class aimed at anyone who wants to understand what AI does, how it might affect them, and what it can be used for, without getting involved in the underlying mathematics and statistics. It demonstrates that in-depth knowledge of those fields isn't necessary to start taking advantage of the opportunities offered by AI and machine learning, and includes practical exercises.

You can access their free training here

Stanford University

Often cited by AI experts as the single most important online resource for anyone wanting to learn AI, this course is led by Andrew Ng, who founded Google’s pioneering Google Brain deep learning program. This course gives a thorough grounding in the mathematical, statistical, and computer science fundamentals that go into developing and deploying automated learning machines.

You can access their free training here

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