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DIYZ — Do it Yourself, Do It Wise

DIYZ is the DIY app for getting detailed step-by-step instructions and how-to videos that can help you complete your home repair or renovation without ever hiring a professional handyman or contractor!

The DIYZ app has over 1 million downloads. The average user of the app spends 7.5 minutes of engagement in DIYZ. The DIY videos have generated over 2 million views on YouTube. To create this app, the development team at decided to use Google’s Polymer.js framework.

What is Polymer.js?

Polymer.js is a JavaScript library that helps you create custom reusable HTML elements, and use them to build performant, maintainable apps. Polymer takes full advantage of Web Components.

The team decided to use Polymer because of its speed. Polymer takes advantage of the standard Web Component API built into web browsers which allow apps to run natively in the browser.

Web Components and Custom Elements

Web Components are a set of standards currently being produced by Google as a W3C specification that allow for the creation of reusable components in web applications.

Polymer comes with a bunch of elements that account for (almost) every web application need. There is a healthy library of components that are built by Google and 3rd party developers that are cataloged at

Not all browsers support the standards for web components. Polymer provides polyfills to simulate the missing browser capabilities. This allows developers to write one application that can be viewed easily in multiple browsers.

Quick Addition of Features

Polymer provides a component-based architecture. This has allowed our development team to quickly add new features and functionality to the application.

The DIYZ app provides access to over 150 projects. These projects cover topics including lawn & garden, exterior, electrical, plumbing, smart home, heating & cooling, kitchen, bathroom, paint and bedroom. This is not an exhaustive list as DIYZ provides projects in over 25 categories.

The online information in DIYZ is all free, but if you get stuck, help is at hand. DIYZ has assembled a case of professional licensed contractors to be on call to provide live video assistance, in case you are not sure exactly how to reattach all those wires you just disconnected, or your plumbing parts don’t seem to be going together according to plan.

The ability to create live chat with pros as well as sharing of videos and photos is just one example of new functionality that was quickly implemented using Polymer and components.

Award Winning App

The DIYZ app earned the prestigious CES2017 Editor’s Choice Award from Popular Mechanics for its innovative design and functionality, helping DIYers repair or replace anything in their home.

Recognized by Apple as a “New App We Love,” DIYZ made it as high as the fifth most popular app in the iOS store in the lifestyle section.

Digital Accelerator

DIYZ app was created out of the Digital Accelerator in Atlanta, Georgia. The Digital Accelerator started in 2015 and is expected to have 100 digital experts by end of 2017.

Get The App

The DIYZ app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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