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Want to learn to code?

This page is where I share my skills and knowledge with those wanting to learn to code. You'll find every training course that I have available below. Check it out!

In just 5 days you can be introduced to a new technology with my revolutionary email training series. All my email training courses are free. Start learning today!

For five consecutive days you will receive a lesson in your inbox. Each lesson provides core training to help you learn the topic. Most lessons provide detailed examples of how to implement your newly learned knowledge.

Topics covered on

  • Webpack
  • npm As a Build Tool
  • JavaScript ES6, ES7 & ES8
  • Flexbox

Just visit to get started today.

JavaScript: Introduction to Functional Programming

This course is an introduction to the basic skills anybody learning JavaScript must know.

This course will cover the basics of higher-order functions in JavaScript. A higher-order function is a function that accepts another function as an argument, or returns a function as its result. Both of these requirements rely on functions being first-class objects in a language.

If you want to learn about JavaScript map, filter and reduce Array functions. This course is for you. It will provide hands on examples and then allow you to apply your newly learned skills with several challenges problems.

Click here to get started learning about JavaScript higher-order functions.

Ace The Coding Whiteboard Interview Challenge

If you are interviewing for your first job in tech or your next job in tech, you will have to complete a whiteboard exercise. Companies use these exercises to measure you coding skills to determine whether or not to hire you.

I have put together a series of videos that show you actual interview questions that I have been asked. These videos cover a wide range of interview topics including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

You can watch these videos on my YouTube Channel. The Site For Coding Challenges

Want to practice whiteboard exercises? Want to improve your coding skills? Want to get your dream job in tech?

You need to have solid programming skills to get a job in tech. is the website that will allow you to practice your coding skills. Just create an account and get started with testing your programming skills.

Use our online editor to complete coding challenges. After writing your code, the system will test your code to make sure it passes all the tests. If you fail to pass the tests then you will be given a reason why. You can attempt the challenge as many times as you want until you pass.

Get started with testing your programming skills at

Github - Interview Questions

I have created a Github repo that has a wide range of Interview Questions. To practice your skills with these challenges, all you need to do is fork the repo to your personal github account and then clone that repo to your computer.

Each challenge has its own folder. Select a challenge and open the folder. The file will have instructions of what you are expected to complete for that challenge. It will have the start of the function that you need to complete.

Complete the function making sure it meets all the requirements specified in the instructions. When you are satisfied with your code submit a Pull Request from your repo back to my repo. This will start an automated process that will test your code and then email you with the results.

If your code passes all the tests you are done. If your code does not pass all the tests, the email will inform you which test(s) that you did not pass. Make the necessary changes in your code to pass these tests. Submit another Pull Request with your updated code.

You follow this process to complete every coding challenge available.

Here is my Github repo of Interview Questions for you to get started today.